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The goal of annotater is to annotate package load calls in character strings and R/Rmd files, so we can have an idea of the overall purpose of the libraries we’re loading.

What do my loaded packages do?

Where did I get them?

The two annotation types are also available together:

Thanks to a Pull Request by Juan Cruz Rodriguez, we can now annotate which functions from each package are being called in a script.


Install the development version of annotater from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Restart RStudio after the installation for the addins to load properly.

When using the addins, make sure the focus (blinking cursor) is on an open RStudio R file in the ‘source’ pane.


These are the possible annotations, which can be added to character strings (with one line per element), or applied to .R or .Rmd files in RStudio through their corresponding addins.

test_string <-c("library(boot)\nrequire(Matrix)")

Entire .R files can also be parsed and annotated with the annotate_script function.

Feedback welcome

Thanks to Jonathan Carroll, Fırat Melih Yılmaz, and Achaz von Hardenberg for feedback and suggestions.